The older I get the more I realize that I really don’t care for holidays and i’d much rather stay home and read all day. 


Yoga Pose


As an undergraduate in the summer of 2006 I received a scholarship from Howard University to study Arabic in Cairo. Two other students and I were essentially written a check and given the following stipulations: stay in country at least 6 weeks, study the language, and come back more proficient…


Crossed Extended Side Plank (Utthita vashistasana variation) :
-Start in a normal plank pose.
-Roll onto the left hand and literally swivel your feet to the side so that your right foot is in front of your left foot, outer edge of left foot on floor and inner edge of right foot on floor. -As you inhale reach your arm alongside your ear and lift your hips up.
-Come back to a plank pose on an inhale and roll to the other side.

Great for lengthening the side body & ITB, strengthening obliques, back, and arms.

Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park


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